School Pug Stylish Tablet Skin

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Same Tablet, New Look! Give your phone a facelift in minutes with a premium Self-Adhesive vinyl skin and express your own unique identity!

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  • Full coverage & Precision cut-outs.
  • QUIX vinyl’s can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched with a hair dryer.​
  • High quality glue that does no harm to your phone and doesn’t leave any residual glue after removal.​
  • Back of the vinyl comes with air release, making it easy to wrap and refuse air bubbles.​
  • Protects your phone from scuffs, scratches, UV rays, dirt, grease and surface water.​
  • Alcohol wipes, QZ, microfiber is included to ensure perfect adhesion to your device.​

Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi


iPad Air 5th Gen (10.9")-2022, iPad Pro 5nd Gen (12.9")-2021, iPad 9th Gen (10.2")-2021, iPad Mini 6th Gen (8.3")-2021, iPad Pro 3rd Gen (11.0")-2021, iPad Pro 4nd Gen (12.9")-2020, iPad 8th Gen (10.2")-2020, iPad Air 4th Gen (10.9")-2020, iPad Pro 2nd Gen (11.0")-2020, iPad 7th Gen (10.2")-2019, iPad Air 3rd Gen (10.5")-2019, iPad Mini 5 (7.9")-2019, iPad Pro 3nd Gen (12.9")-2018, iPad 6th Gen (9.7")-2018, iPad Pro 11 (11.0")-2018, iPad Pro 2nd Gen (12.9")-2017, iPad 5th Gen (9.7")-2017, iPad Pro (9.7")-2016, iPad Pro (12.9")-2015, iPad Mini 4 (7.9")-2015, iPad Air 2(9.7")-2014, iPad Mini 3 (7.9")-2014, iPad Air (9.7")-2013, iPad 4 4th Gen (9.7")-2012, iPad Mini (7.9")-2012, iPad 2 Wi-Fi (9.7")-2011, MatePad 2nd Gen (10.4")-2022, MatePad (11.0")-2021, MatePad Pro (12.6")-2021, MatePad (10.4")-2020, MatePad Pro 5G (10.8")-2020, MatePad T (9.7")-2020, MatePad T10 (10.1")-2020, MatePad T10S (10.1")-2020, MatePad Pro (10.8")-2019, MediaPad M6 (10.8")-2019, MediaPad M5 Lite (10.1")-2018, MediaPad T5 (10.1")-2018, Tab P11 (11.0")-2021, M10 FHD REL (10.1")-2020, Smart Tab M10 (10.1")-2020, Tab M10 FHD Plus 2nd Gen (10.3")-2020, Tab M10 HD 2nd Gen (10.1")-2020, Tab M10 Plus (10.3")-2020, Tab M8 HD (8.0")-2019, Tab P10 (10.1")-2018, T20 (10.4")-2021, Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2nd Gen (10.4")-2022, Galaxy Tb S8 Ultra (14.6")-2022, Galaxy Tab S8 (11.0")-2022, Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (12.4")-2022, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (8.7")-2021, Galaxy Tab A8 (10.5")-2021, Galaxy Tab S7 FE(12.4")-2021, Galaxy Tab A (8.4")-2020, Galaxy Tab A7 (10.4")-2020, Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (10.4")-2020, Galaxy Tab S7 4G (11.0")-2020, Galaxy Tab S7 5G (11.0")-2020, Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (12.4")-2020, Galaxy Tab A (10.1")-2019, Galaxy Tab A (8.0")-2019, Galaxy Tab S5E (10.5")-2019, Mi Pad 5 (11.0")-2021


Product Details

Device Compatibility: All Devices
Model Name: School Pug
Country of Origin: UAE
Skin Material: Vinyl
Item Qty: 01

Installation Video

In the Box

Printed Vinyl: 1 No
Squeegee: 1 No
Alcohol Wipe: 1 No
Micro Fiber Cloth: 1 No


Not all computer monitors are calibrated the same. Colors may display differently on your monitor than what is actually printed. We do our best to make sure the image on the product listing is identical to the image you order, however small variations in color can and will occur. The images on our website are as accurate as possible.


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