Lens Protector for Apple


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1. Lens Protection – Protects phone camera lens from dust, water and scratches.
2. Custom Fit – Fits perfectly on the lens.
3. Case Friendly – Will not interfere with your smartphone case.
4. Highest Transparency – Does not affect picture quality.

Product Details

  • Maintains the original quality of picture with 99.99% transparency like the original screen, high definition pictures taken.
  • Anti-Scratch & Smudges & Fingerprint very durable 9H tempered glass and unique anti-oil processing protect your camera from any scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard stuff.
  • Simple Quick installation, easy installation, wipe down your lens; peel off the whole bottom layer without touching the sticky area; carefully align the space to setup the lens protector to your phone camera lens.
  • One Pack Camera Lens Protector Included for the selected model.

13 Pro Water  Strong  Case


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