Protect Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime.

QUIX was launched in the global trade hub of Dubai, UAE, in 2020 as a lifestyle brand for electronic device accessories. The unstoppable trend of mobile phones representing an indispensable part of our urban life for private and business communication proves the constant need for reliable device protection and creative customization options. This is exactly where QUIX comes in!

Have you ever had to replace the screen of your phone, tablet, watch, or laptop? Then you already know the value of having fast and reliable protection at your fingertips. QUIX screen protectors are guaranteed to fit any phone model from the early 2000s to the present day and our offering keeps growing as new models are released. 

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Have you ever had to make or receive an important phone call and ran out of battery? Then you know the importance of carrying with you a power bank with a sturdy cable or even wireless. QUIX power banks have you covered when you are out and about.

And if you have ever wanted to go anywhere hands-free or match an outfit with your phone fashion, then you appreciate the option to carry your mobile on a QUIX smart-strap in your desired color alongside a customized QUIX case or back skin.

All our products were created out of these needs, to meet the performance and style demands of today’s high-tech communities. The ever-evolving innovation and the connectedness of smartphone enthusiasts worldwide inspires us to keep on designing new functional yet fashionable products that Generation X Y Z will love to upgrade their mobile devices with.

Today, we operate in 15 countries across the MENA region as well as in several countries in Africa, Asia and Europe with more growth opportunities on the horizon.

We’re in the business of Protecting Any device, Anywhere, Anytime!

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To be the leading brand for electronic device protection and smartphone accessories offering functional and fashionable products that our customers from all over the world will love.
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To provide every smart device user with cutting edge solutions to keep their devices protected and the creative freedom to showcase individuality using our wide range of accessories.

We Do it flawlessly. We do it creatively. And we do it QUIX


Things we do better than others. Holding an invaluable database of over 35,000 designs that we have been building for
over a decade, we’re in the business of Protecting Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime.

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